Data-driven decision-making is changing the way we work.

Hara helps energy and sustainability teams change the way they collect, analyze, interpret, and act on data.

As the market leader, our cloud-based software platform manages…


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Meet Our Happy Customers

Some of the most influential organizations in the world use Hara to dramatically reduce their energy costs, improve operating profits, fulfill compliance and regulatory requirements, and enhance their brand reputation.

“Hara adds value by giving us not only reliable insight into the size and makeup of our energy usage, but also a solid roadmap for achieving further cost reductions.”


Joe Pettus

Senior Vice President of Fuel and Energy

“Hara will provide a powerful tool to support our strategic energy consumption reduction goals and our environmental stewardship efforts.”

U.S. Bank Corporate Real Estate Group

Greg Thorne

Environmental Manager

“Companies looking to manage and reduce energy use, particularly indirect energy use with a very strong set of capabilities for sustainability and carbon management, should consider Hara.”